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Old News

Well, it's been 2 months.  And another update!!
I've finally managed to become an Ambassador for STCCG so that's good.  I took second place at our Territorials a couple weeks ago so I was happy.  I also nearly won the LOTR Territorials.  I'll try to get that deck up on the site sometime this week or next when I get a chance.
On a more personal note.  My girlfriend and I have happily celebrated our 11 month anniversary yesterday, so hopefully we'll make it a year and more.
Thanx for coming and I hope you have a good time.
Two updates in one week!!! Crazy!!
Well, I've been getting a ton of offers for trades, so my Cards section is getting updated fairly frequently, so keep checking to see if I got anything new.
Also, I have a new poll up so check that out.  And sign my guestbook.  It's feeling kind of lonely.
Wow an update!!!!
I just got Motion Pictures stuff, so check out my trades page.
Not much else is new.
Hopefully my next update won't be a month away.
Hello again!
I hope everyone out there who was on break last week had a better one than I did.  Mine pretty much sucked.  My girlfriend and I kind of broke up last weekend, but now we're getting back together and the relationship is kind of in limbo right now.  All I know is that it sucks.
Anyways, new haves up.  A few LOTR cards, including some from MoM.  Take a look-see.
WooHoo!  I finally am able to get a new poll up!  I don't know why it has been down, but there's a new one up today!  Yay!
Hey Everybody!
Pretty major update today.  I hope you like the new look.
I went through most everything and updated all the stuff that was getting a little old.  Take a look!
I also updated my Haves and Wants, since I managed to play ing a LOTR tourney this weekend and walked away with a few decent prizes.
Well, the site where I get my polls made is not letting me make a new one, so no poll for a while.  :(
New Decks up today!!  One for STCGG and one for LOTR:TCG.  Take a look.  Also, take a look at the new group I created on Decktech.  It's called Tri-State Gamers Guild and anyone in the ND, SD, and MN areas can join!
A new poll should hopefully be up by the end of the day as well.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day. I know my sweetheart and I did.
Anyway, I put a new STCCG deck up in the decks section, so take a look. Also, anyone is welcom to submit decks to the site if they wish.
The Friends section has also been updated.
I just put a new deck up in the Card Games Section. It's a LOTR Hobbit/Man with Nazgul deck. So, take a look.

Wow! I am actually updating again!
I hope everyone is doing well. I've been really busy with homework and girlfriend and all that fun stuff lately.
But back to the cards...
I've managed to significantly increase my LOTR collection, so check out my Trades page for info there.
Also I'll try to actually get a deck up on the Decks page by the end of today!
ON a sadder note, what does everybody think of Lucasfilm's decision to move the Star Wars license away from Decipher? That will be the Poll of the week, so everybody share your opinion.
Hello again! I know updates have been kind of slow, but now I'm back so hopefully the site will be updated more regularily.
Now to business. I have a new Poll of the Week! so everyone vote! Also, I bought a bunch of LOTR over the break, and I got some Holodeck Adventures, so check out my Cards page to see what new stuff I have for trade!

Welcome to 2002!!!!
I hope everyone had a good holiday! I know I did.
Anyways, I'm back now. I would have updated over the break, but I didn't have access to the internet while at my house.
Well, I managed to get some more LOTR stuff, and I am still looking for more, so take a look.

New Poll is up! Also my auction for the BB set is closed. Thanks to those who bid.

I already sold the Tournament Foils, but there are still 2 days left on my SWCCG BB Premiere Set!

I managed to pick up a few more cards for trade this weekend. The mos prominent being a Sealed Admiral Riker Foil. Also, I managed to acquire both an Edo Probe Tournament Foil and an Amanda Rogers Tournament Foil. Both of which I am selling on eBay for friends.
In other news, I have put up my deck that I used this weekend. You can find a link to it in the Card Games section.

Hey All!
I picked up a few more packs or LOTR:TCG, so I have a few more cards to trade. Also my Poll of the Week is updated!

Also in more important news...
I have decided to put my BB SWCCG Premiere Set up for auction on eBay. For more info check out my Card Games section.

My Poll Of The Week has been updated!!

I actually managed to get some LOTR stuff today. So I have a couple cards to trade. I would like more though, so I will be willing to trade very generously for any LOTR stuff (primarily Ringwraith stuff).

I'm back! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I know I did. Hopefully I'll get some free time this week and get my Wants portion finished.
On another note, I've noticed that no one is interested in trading LOTR. I am not only interested in rares, but also uncommons, and commons. Since I don't have any cash to be able to afford any at the moment.

I'll be out of town for the holliday, so I doubt too much will get done around here. Please feel free to email me about any trades though, and I'll get back to you next Monday.
New Poll of the Week is up!

Updated the Haves and Wants section. As soon as I find a scanner, I'll try to get some pictures up on my site.

I've got my Guestbook up now and my Poll of the Week! I hope you sign the guestbook and enter your opinion in the poll.
I've finally got the Haves section complete, so take a look at what I have. I still have some work left to de for the Wants section.
Also, the Friends section has been updated with a few that I forgot when I created it. Sorry guys.

I just put up the Card Games section, and I have started to enter my Haves and Wants. I am through Cloud City for Star Wars CCG Haves, and I am done with LOTR Haves and Wants (It's pretty easy since I don't have any yet). I will hopefully get the rest of Star Wars CCG and Star Trek CCG up soon.

Hey everyone! I finally got off my butt and decided to make another page. Hopefully this one will hang around longer than the rest. I'll try and update it at least once a week, but you never know.

Okay, I have the My Life, Friends, and Links sections basically up a running. Hopefully I'll get the other sections up sometime this week