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Finding The Lost City

Seed Deck

Space-Time Portal Temporal Micro Wormhole Q's Tent Study Nuetrino Emmisions Espionage Mission Investigate Anomaly II Refuse Immigration Orb Negotiations Investigate Coup Deep Space 9 Starry Night The Clown: My Festival Horta Founder Secret

The Weak Will Perish Your Galaxy Is Impure Q Gets The Point

Hazardous Duty Your Galaxy Is Impure Q Gets The Point

Ankari Spirits Dead End

Spatial Rift Maglock

A Fast Ship Would Be Nice The Clown: Guillotine Implication

Assign Mission Specialists (Reginald Barclay & Riva) Assign Support Personel Treaty: Federation/Bajoran Defend Homeworld Quark's Isolinear Rods Q The Referee x2 Spacedoor Visit Chochrane Memorial Quark's Bar Science Lab Bajoran Shrine Ore Proccessing Unit Cargo Bay Docking Ports

Q's Tent

Xepolite Freighter ISS Enterprise James Tiberious Kirk Tantalus Field Dixon Hill Beverly and Will The City Of B'Hala Orb of Prophecy and Change Dabo Space Time Portal USS Voyager Revolving Door Secret Agent Julian Bashir

Draw Deck(101)


Admiral Riker Ambassador Krajensky Anara Bareil Antos Benjamin Sisko Carlos Dr. Telek R'Mor Furel Hogan Jabara Jace Michaels Jaresh-Inyo Julian Bashir Kasidy Yates Kira Leeta Luther Sloan Michael Eddington Miles O'Brien Minister Rozahn Mr. Scott Mr. Spock Morn Nalan Bal Nog Odo Reginald Barclay (First Contact) Riva Ro Laren (Bajoran) Rom Varis Sul Vedek Dax Vedek Sorad Worf (First Contact)


Bajoran Freighter USS Defiant USS Intrepid USS Prometheus


'45 Dom Perignon Ablative Armor Bajoran Padd Bajoran Phaser Bajoran Phaser Rifle Bio-Neural Gel Pack Borg Nanoprobes Engineering Kit Engineering Padd Engineering Tricorder Federation Padd Gold-Pressed Latinum Hypospray IP Scanner Kukalaka Medical Kit Medical Padd Medical Tricorder Mirror Dagger Plasmadyne Relay Science Kit Science Padd Starfleet Type II Phaser Starfleet Type III Phaser Rifle Stolen Cloaking Device Tricorder


All Threes x2 Data, Keep Dealing x2 Distortion of the Space/Time Continuum x2 Multivector Assault Mode x3 Oof! Palor Toff - Alien Trader x5


62nd Rule of Acquisition Atmospheric Ionization Captain's Log Defiant Dedication Plaque Distortion Field x2 Fair Play Genetronic Replicator Masaka Transformations Mirror Image Pattern Enhancers The Big Picture The Traveler: Transcendence


HQ: Secure Homeworld Operate Wormhole Relays


Blue Alert Feedback Surge Holoprogram: Noah's Mountain Retreat Obelisk of Masaka Q The Referee Scanner Interference


Alternate Universe Door Temporal Vortex


Ok the basic idea of this deck is to use the Bajoran Shrine, and VCM to go through the
deck very quickly. The equipment can then be used with Kasidy to make Cargo Runs
for more card draws. Use Spacedoor to grab the USS Intrepid to get to Earth.

The Distorion Fields are in there to play on Earth to prevent people from stealing
it, or messing with the VCM. They can be downloaded with the Scanner Interference,
which is grabbed with Q The Ref.

Noah's Mountain Retreat is downloaded with VCM to the Intrepid, which is then used
to download Scret Agent Bashir. He then grabs the 45 Dom Perignon to convert the
USS Intrepid into the USS Voyager. Then the Holoprogram can be used with Hogan to
convert Secret Agent Bashir into Julian Bashir.

The ISS Enterprise can be downloaded with Admiral Riker, and the used to annoy your
opponent. The cards discarded can then be redrawn with the Dix/Carlos combo.

The Starry Night can be seeded at either Cardassia or Earth depending on where you
think it'll be easier, and then used to download the City of B'Hala and the Orb.

Other than that it's a pretty straightforward Mission Solving Deck.