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Building A Better Nazgul


Prancing Pony Bree Streets Ford of Bruinen Moria Lake Bridge Of Khazad-dum Galadriel's Glade Anduin Wilderland Pillars of the Kings Summit of Amon Hen


Frodo, Son of Drogo The One Ring, The Ruling Ring Merry, From O'er the Brandywine Boromir, Lord of Gondor


A Talent for Not Being Seen Aragorn, King in Exile x2 Armor x2 Athelas x2 Blade of Gondor Elendil's Valor x2 Great Shield Hobbit Intuition x2 Hobbit Stealth x4 Hobbit Sword No Stranger to the Shadows Ranger's Sword Sting Swordarm of the White Tower x4 Swordsman of the Northern Kingdom The Saga of Elendil What Are They??

Shadow (30):

Dark Whispers Morgul Gates x3 Nazgul Sword Relentless Charge x2 The Balrog, Durin's Bane The Pale Blade The Wirch King, Lord of Angmar x2 Threshhold of Shadow x3 Ulaire Attea, Keeper of Dol Guldur Ulaire Cantea, Lt. of Dol Guldur x2 Ulaire Enquea, Lt. of Morgul x2 Ulaire Nelya, Lt. of Morgul Ulaire Nertea, Messenger of Dol Guldur x2 Ulaire Ostea, Lt. of Morgul Ulaire Toldea, Messenger of Morgul x2 Uruk Fighter x2 Uruk Soldier x2 Uruk Warrior


The basic idea of the deck is to quickly and quietly sneak as far as possible, while
your Shadow deck beats the living tar out of your opponent.
Every minion in this deck is extremely powerful, and the majority of them are either
fierce or damage +1.
Specific Card Strategies:
Relentless Charge is there to take out those pesky archers like Aragorn w/ Bow or
Legolas. It can really hurt them.
ATFNBS and NSTTS are in to make your fellowship cheaper to move, and the What Are
They? can take care of those annoying early Lurtz's if the manage that.
Other than that it is pretty simple. Starting first is not neccessary, but it is
nice to get Aragorn out, but having your opponent hit your sites is probably more
important especially the Ford.
Changes I'd like to make would be, get more Nazgul and ditch the Uruks. I'd like to
have at least 2 of all of the fierce Nazgul.
Another No Stranger would also be nice to make the deck even sneakier.