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Here's a little info on some of my best friends!


Wow, 11 months.  It's been a great time and I hope to spend many more months and years with her.  Of course there has been a few bumps along the way, but we've made it through.
Thank you Gina, I couldn't have done it without your love.
It's coming up on 6 months now that we've been dating, and it's still going wonderfully. I love her so much. I hope I can spend the rest of my life with her.

My best friend, and my girlfriend.
I have been dating her for almost 4 months now and it's wonderful.
Here's a little on how we met:
We met in highschool after I moved to Fargo, and we were good friends, but I never figured it would be anything more than that.
After highschool she went to St. Cloud State, and I went to North Dakota State. Being only 2 hours apart we did manage to see each other every once and a while and we definately became closer.
She moved back to Fargo for the summer, and then late in the summer she found out that she would be going to NDSU this year instead of going back to SCSU, and that is when she surprised me.
She just up and emailed me to ask me out. I was stunned but very happy. I had always been interested in her, but I never fealt we would really be more than friends, but obviously she thought differently.
I've got to say that the last couple months have been some of the best of my life. This girl is wonderful, and I can always count on her to be there.

Thanx Gina!


Nick's a great friend of mine.
I met him at Shanley when I moved here, and he's just a great guy. We have so much in common. Whenever we get together we just spend hours playing video games or talking about the newest big techno thing.
There have been many great moments spent with him.


Another great friend.
Nick originally introduced me to him. He's another great guy to just hang around with and play video games.
Even though he could kick my ass any day of the week in Counter-Strike it's still fun to play with him. So beware, if you see eyeshotJFK show up in your CS game be afraid cus your ass is grass.


Noah's an interesting guy.
I have yet to find someone who reads so fast and remembers every bit of it. I can just sit and talk with him for hours about the latest developments in the fantasy world, or about the newest Dragon Ball Z episodes.
He is also the guy who got me interested in Dungeons and Dragons, although we play pretty rarely. I hope we can get some longer games in soon.

Nick F.

This guy really got me into anime. The funny thing is we met in the anime section of Best Buy and we got together to watch some, and we've been doing it whenever we can since.

Matt and Brad

Matt and Brad are my gaming friends up here at NDSU. We spend hours playing Tony Hawk 3 and Gran Tourismo 3 and many other PS2 games.


Georgia's a great lady. She is one of the few women playing the Star Trek CCG, but that has yet to prevent her from being one of the best I know.
She's great to hang around with, and the roadtrips with her are nothing short of interesting. We always have something to talk about, and can spend hours talking about the "meta-game" or anything else.


One of the guys I play STCCG with. He's a lot of fun to hang with and a great player.
He goes to SDSU and is very dedicated as he drives almost 3 hours for every tournament. He also has many great ideas for decks, and is constantly adaping to the "meta-game".
We have had some great times together like our roadtrips to Milwaulkee or Iowa City.


Zach is crazy. He's a fun guy to party with and he always seems to know what's happening. I guess as a DJ you are bound to be a good partier.
One of these days, man, I'll have to come to one of your dances.


Kurt is da shit! Great guy, great friend. He's in basic training right now, otherwise he'd be my roommate. I've spent some great times with him.
He's also kind of crazy. I don't know anyone else who'd send me a letter that was in a code that I needed to decipher. You're nuts man.
Now that he's back from Basic, we're rooming together here at NDSU.  He's a little crazy, but overall a great guy.  We'll sit and play GTA3 for hours on end.  That or play Counter Strike one on one and keep track of whose kicking whose ass.


My roommate from last year.
He was a cool guy. We didn't have a whole lot in common, but we got along great. I don't know a guy who'd spend as much time sleeping or in his pajamas as Dan.
I remeber times spent just bs-ing about nothing for hours usually at about 2-3 in the morning. Or going and playing pranks on other guys in the hall. Or spending hours getting my ass beat by him in Madden NFL 2001 for the PS2.
We had some great times. I'm glad to have known you man.

Alex and Justin

These guys live in the next suite over in the dorms here on NDSU. They're great guys. They are both converts from the SWCCG to STCCG, and are getting to be very good very quickly.
They are also excelent Counter-Strike players. They are damned good opponents.