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Welcome to the Jawa King's Kingdom!

Ulaire Jawa

This is just a little meaningless page dealing with some of my interests and hobbies. It is here to give others a little insight into my life and just to have fun.
Let me know of any suggestions to make the site better. I am always open to constructive criticism.
And while you're here make sure you sign the guestbook.

I hope you enjoy your stay. While you're here if you're interested check out my trading card collection and see if you want to make a trade.


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What's New!

Happy Independence Day all you Americans!!  Okay, I know it's tomorrow, but what are the chances of me actually updating 2 days in a row??
Anyways, I got some Realms of the Elf-Lords yesterday, and my haves and wants have been updated, so take a look.
Another update!!
I'll try to keep my haves and wants list updated rather frequently, since a new set of LOTR has come out and I can't afford to actually buy any really.

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